Nightfall is the AFTERPARTY for the The Melbourne Gothic & Victorian Picnic 2017. Instead of ending the fun early, we are going to continue late into the night when all of you beautiful nocturnal creatures come alive.

With some of Melbourne’s finest alternative artists playing, come dressed in your finest garb (we know you will) and make this an all-day-goth-day celebration.

Ok Sure:
Downtempo electronic Australian DJ and producer Ok Sure has been turning heads recently for her otherworldly style. Ok Sure delivers live performances consisting of downtempo, industrial, dark melodic electronica.

Asylum Sisters:
Fuelled by distorted female vocals, contemporary electro beats and an atmosphere drenched in darkness, Asylum Sisters hit genres such as witch house, industrial and even metal on their way to achieving their personal sonic revolution.

Katherine Hymer:
Katherine Hymer’s music intertwines Romantic melodic lines with dark and foreboding undertones. With the addition of her live show band (Fiona Steele and Benjamin Trappitt), the lush orchestration is realised. With Katherine’s pure amalgamation of classical piano and Victorian gothic inspired costume, audiences often draw parallels between her shows and musical theatre.

Zen Robotic:
Zen Robotic are an electronic band based in Melbourne, Australia. The band’s songs are driven by deep, thought provoking lyrics, and are characterised by driving synths and electronic drums. While Zen Robotic is an electronic band, their music is certainly not “dance music.” If it had to be compared to other artists the band’s sound is somewhere in between Moby and Nine Inch Nails.

Zen Robotic

Katherine Hymer

Ok Sure

Asylum Sisters


$10 at

Doors Open 7:45pm