Crap Music Rave Party

Hyperactive party-machine Tomás Ford is proudly the worst DJ in the world, roaming the globe with his idiotic Crap Music Rave Party. The hyperactive spectacle has become a fringe festival institution, selling out at Edinburgh, Brighton, Prague, Perth, around Australia, New Zealand, Europe and its’ regular Melbourne shows. Now it’s coming to Ding Dong Lounge once a month for some truly hectic nights out.

If you haven’t been to one, all we can tell you is that they’re the dumbest fun you can have. Think rave videos, DIY disco lights, a DJ who dances like he’s eaten a big bag of amphetamines (btw he totally hasn’t, Tomás is SO BAD at drugs) and a dance floor full of the greatest people ever.

The rules are simple: request any song you like, and so long as it fulfils the criteria – i.e. is really, really crap – then Tomás will drop it like it’s the deepest, trendiest coloured vinyl at an art student’s warehouse party. We’re talkin’ Rednex, Justin Bieber, Amii Stewart, the forgotten parts of the Dawsons’ Creek soundtrack, Barry Manilow, 80’s hair metal, Nickelback, Steps, those eurotechno songs you only ever heard while waiting for your sister to try on clothes at Miss Shop, Look What You Made Me Do, anything Will.I.Am has ever done, Aqua, 90’s Cher, Human Nature and whatever other crap you can think of.

Book early – these parties have been sold out in Melbourne for the last year and half! Grab your mates, pick up some glosticks from Red Dot, think of some horrible requests and book yourself some tickets via Eventfinda. This is gonna be megaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!



Doors Open 11:45pm